Market Feed Service Feedback

The service includes the following functions:

  • Download and saving of TMS Excel Toolbar settings
  • Updates to new versions
  • Cloud connector to import and send information

The information transmission is based on an encrypted HTTPS protocol. To ensure data integrity all information is encrypted by the sender and decrypted at the receiver. Part of the information is stored encrypted in our data base. Users can choose a password for the information stored. In that case not even Data-Bond may decrypt this information.

In order to ensure service production the following user information is stored: e-mail address, name of workstation and company public IP address. Below you may see the information stored in the service and the parties having access to it. All information transmitted by TMS Excel Toolbar is listed in the service description.

Information Encryption Access to encrypted data
Toolbar identification code no Data-Bond, customer
Toolbar licence key yes Data-Bond
E-mail of Toolbar user yes Data-Bond
Workstation name of Toolbar user yes Data-Bond
Information stored in Toolbar yes Customer


The monthly fee includes

  • Right to use the service
  • Right to new versions of TMS Excel Toolbar
  • Correction of errors in TMS Excel Toolbar
  • Supply of tailor-made versions
  • Cloud service connector

The annual fee does not include

  • Training
  • Customer-specific documentation
  • Customisation of the program or development of new features
  • Investigation and management of problems caused by external factors

In addition, the monhtly fee does not include issues that stem from the incorrect use of the application.