Market Feed Service Feedback

TMS systems has several functions that can be modified with non-banking days. This decreases the amount of incorrect information, and improves the quality and timeliness of the information produced by the system. Examples are payment plans for loans, market valuations, rate controls, timing of reports, and so forth.

The banking day calendar has been in use since autumn 2010. We purchase the information to be transmitted from a company specialised in it. Thereafter we modify the data for TMS system. The service has been expanded thanks to new customers – at the moment it is possible to download calendars covering up to the next 20 years in more than 35 countries. Additionally, we offer more than a hundred regional calendars.

Our service provides instruments for downloading and managing the information. The contents of the service are updated regularly, and all changes may immediately be downloaded into supported system.

TMS systems includes 15 country-specific calendars for the next 20 years, i.e. there are more than 3,500 future days. A year later the calendar should be updated. An update requires not only checking but the removal or moving of certain days, and the addition of new days. As this is time-consuming, it is usually not done. Therefore, after some time the incorrect information will cause problems.

We offer information needed for storing banking day data, and processes for storing and managing this information in the future. In TMS system you only have to choose the currencies that the update should cover. Thereafter the update process automatically downloads missing days, removes days and moves changed days in the calendar.