Market Feed Service Feedback

We collect the information to be transmitted from the multiple information services, like Euribor-EBF, ICE Libor, Central Banks and many others. Rates are transmitted in several stages. It is therefore advisable to conduct at least two daily searches, which is handled automatically by our service in the most cases.

Stage 1: Exchange rates published by the European Central Bank
Rates are available no later than at 6 p.m. on the day of publication.

Stage 2: Interest rates (excluding Euribor-EBF, ICE Libor) and OTC data
This stage includes preliminary information on EUR SWAP interest rates – short-term interest rates are, however, specified in stage 3.

Stage 3: Interest rates published by Euribor-EBF
Rates are available approximately at noon on the day after publication.

Step 4: Interest rates published by ICE Benchmark Administration Limited

Rates are available approximately at 2 p.m. on the day after publication.

Rates are always registered in TMS system according to their day of publication, not their day of entry. An exception to this is when the last day of a month coincides with a weekend. In that case the most recent information on all rates is also registered on the last day of the month. This ensures that correct rates are used in reporting at the turn of the month in exceptional situations, too. These are the most important differences compared with applications by other information providers.

We regularly supervise the retrieval of rates. If we notice problems in the transmission we notify specified receivers of this by e-mail. In exceptional situations we automatically transmit missing rates in connection with the next successful retrieval. In addition, we offer a possibility to download old rates (not from OTC data).